Join the SBA – Support Community-based Sustainable Biodiesel!

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance was created to show the industry and the world, that All Biodiesel Is NOT Created EqualThis commitment to community-based renewable fuel created with the environment and the community in mind is why the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance exists. The SBA believes that locally produced, sustainable biodiesel is an integral part of a sustainable clean energy future for our nation and our planet. With the help of supporters just like you, we can create a demand for a better more sustainable product.

Whether you are an individual biodiesel user, a biodiesel producer, or a business that uses biodiesel you can show your support for community-based sustainable biodiesel through membership to the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

The SBA offers 3 types of membership:

Individual Supporter Level – $25-$50 annual membership

This level of membership is designed for individual biodiesel users and biodiesel supporters and is a perfect way to show your support for community-based sustainable energy each year. Individual Supporter Members will receive the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance Newsletter via email as well as opportunities to get involved and volunteer at SBA activities in communities across the country. Individual supporters who make a donation of $40 will also receive a limited edition Willie Nelson LUCK Reunion 2016 water bottle from our friends at Nalgene USA. Those who choose to donate $50 or more will receive all of the benefits of individual membership, the limited edition water bottle and a Chrome SBA Member decal.

Regardless of your level of support, the SBA appreciates it! Show you are a part of the movement to protect your environment, your community and your clean energy future. Join today!

Non-Profit Level – $200 annual membership

This membership level is designed for a non-profit that uses or advocates for the use of sustainable community based biodiesel.  Non-profit members will have access to the SBA newsletter as well as an annual membership decal (to be proudly displayed in your place of business) and access to the SBA logo for web and online use.  The SBA will also advertise your non-profit as a supporting member of the SBA community through SBA online and social media channels. 

Business Certification Level – $500 annual membership      

This level of membership is designed for any business that uses or advocates for the use of sustainable community based biodiesel.  Business members can proceed with the Sustainable Biodiesel Certification process.  The SBA will assist the Business Member during every step of the way toward a sustainable biodiesel audit.  The Business Members will have access to all the tools and checklists that the SBA has developed.  Based upon the outcome of the audit the Business Member will be awarded their certification level with the corresponding decal badge and advertising marks.


For more information about becoming an SBA Member or questions regarding Membership email